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For all of your borrowing requirements come to us. We have combined experience of 37 years in our team. We have worked in many different financial services companies providing support and services to customers across the UK. We have previously been involved in many different markets including mortgages, secured loans, unsecured loans, instalment loans, 1 month loans, credit cards, charge cards, well you name it, we have been involved.

In 2008 at the time of the financial services crash we decided that we would focus on the loans market and moved away from the credit cards and charge cards. We also are no longer involved in mortgages or secured loans (second mortgages). We now have a dedicated and professional team of support staff who are committed to finding you the best possible instalment loan or short term loan to fit with your needs and requirements. We are a traditional broker in the true sense of the work, in that we try and fit you with the best possible solution. We know the market well and we truly understand what the lenders are looking for before they will lend their hard earned money. We work with the lenders to identify areas where they are at risk and are more sensitive and then ensure that you do not fall into the trap of giving them the wrong or slightly misleading information. 

Often applicants will not want to put their work number on an application or do not want their home number to be called, so they used either made up numbers or use their mobile number as their work number. Lenders will see this as a real negative as their systems will identify this and presume that the customer is hiding something. Many will just simply reject the loan on this point alone. They will not even consider giving looking at the rest of the information. Yet we know, that the applicant is really only trying to avoid being called at work or does not want their parents to know they are applying for an instalment loan or short term loan. 

Our recommendation is that the applicant does provide accurate information and allows the lender to call the home number and call the work number. They are not foolish and will nor generally say that they are calling from ABC Loans or whoever. They will claim that the call is a personal call and not say anything that could cause the customer an issue. Instalment Loan companies are not silly and they want to keep you happy and satisfied and they do not want to upset you.

The other area we always recommend people being honest is on the income and outgoings section of an application form. It is all too easy for a customer to say that they have less outgoings or commitments than they have, presuming that the lender will not be able to see the truth from their credit files. Of course what happens is that the lender can see that the applicant has more loans or credit cards than the customer claims and before you know the lender has rejected the application because they know the applicant has lied. Once again, the short term loan lenders are not stupid, they know that the applicant needs money hence the reason they are applying. When an applicant says that they have £1,000 of disposable income and needs to borrow £300 they are pretty sure that someone is lying and are likely to reject on that basis.

So if you need help and guidance through the maze of instalment loans come to us. We will be able to help.

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We recommend instalment loans as they are the best Short Term Loan there is.

Barry and his team are excellent. Everytime I need to borrow I go onto the site and they find teh loan for me.
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